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Episode 1:
A Fresh Spin on an Italian Classic


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Episode Breakdown

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The Wellness Kitchenista, Jessica DeLuise, MHS, , PA-C, CCMS

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Ice-breaker TRIVIA!

The Wellness Kitchenista, Jessica DeLuise, MHS, , PA-C, CCMS


The Wellness Kitchenista, Jessica DeLuise, MHS, , PA-C, CCMS

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Episode Breakdown

 Join Jessica on this energetic, lively culinary adventure as she puts a fresh spin on an Italian classic! In this episode, Jessica welcomes special guests, Premium Pete Gibaldi, Danny ‘Cug’ Mondello, and Mama Sara DeLuise. Together, they’re cooking up half-the-meat balls, hidden veggie marinara, and sweet potato gnocchi (a gluten free option if you need it). Plus, listen in as they share memories, stories, and lots more!

But this isn’t just any cooking show. It is fully interactive! That means you can click on ANYTHING you see in the video frame to learn more about the nutrition or add items to your shopping cart, whenever you want, from wherever you want! Or don’t. It’s totally up to you.

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Episode Recipes

Why half-meat meatballs? Why gluten-free gnocchi? I share more about that in the episode, on the gnocchi recipe page, and below in the episode facts section. 

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Baci Trivia Game

As a fun ice-breaker, we played a trivia game. For each correct answer, the participant won an Italian Baci candy. Like Nutella, Baci is a classic candy made from chocolate and hazelnuts. 

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