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Jessica uniquely combines her medical knowledge, culinary expertise, passion for preventative wellness, positive energy, and signature spunk in all of her content, leaving the audience with the confidence to make meaningful lifestyle change.

Jessica is knowledgeable and has great practical ways of helping you make small changes to maximize your wellness.

Dorothy T.K.


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Inspire Your Audience

Jessica’s warm, engaging speaking style allows her to deliver high-level information with relevant and practical talking points. Your audience will not only leave with information about food and lifestyle, but through positive and encouraging messages, they may be inspired to take charge and make meaningful change in many aspects of their lives.

As a seasoned medical provider, Jessica is capable of speaking on a wide variety of topics and can tailor events for diverse audiences. Jessica has experience leading group events and discussions for private, sport, student, corporate, and expo level events.


Thanks for a fantastic program! Your tips were great and you are an excellent teacher!

Gina M.


Tailor Your Event

Inspire, excite, and empower your audience! Jessica is an energetic and captivating speaker who brings fun and years of knowledge and experience to every event. Events can be modified and customized to meet your goals. Please see below for a list of common offerings and inclusions.

Choose Your Event Format:

Workshop/Class and Education: Include copy about why someone should choose this. Give an example of how this is different than a cooking demonstration and what audience it might be best for.

Cooking Demonstration: Give some highlights of what makes this special. Give an example of how this is different than a workshop and what audience it might be best for.

Your Event Can Include:

Event Topics Examples

Create a unique and engaging agenda for your audience. If you have a topic or theme in mind for your event, please share when scheduling. If you need a little inspiration, please review some presentation topics below.

The Stress and Food Connection

Corporate Wellness & Work Efficiency

Demystifying Packages & Nutrition Labels

Why is Everyone Talking About Gut Health?

The Low Carb Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Gluten Free – Should You Do It?

Macros: A Review of Protein, Carbs, and Fat

Joint Pain and Arthritis – Can Food Help The Pain?

Go-Go, Quick & Easy Corporate Wellness!

Or Whatever Topic You Want! Let’s Brainstorm!

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