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Cook alongside Jessica DeLuise, TV chef and certified culinary medicine specialist, as she shares culinary tips, reviews ingredient choices, and guides you through her favorite flavorful recipes!

Thanks for a fantastic program. Your tips were great and you are an excellent teacher.

Gina M.


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Jessica is not only knowledgeable, she is a truly engaging speaker who presents in a way anyone can understand.

Jodi S

Founder of Moms Who Dare

What to Expect at a Cooking Class


Jessica’s warm, engaging speaking style allows her to deliver high-level information with relevant and practical talking points. Cooking Class attendees enjoy a fun activity while being educated and inspired to make meaningful changes for long-term wellness!

Cooking Classes and workshops are reserved for groups who are looking for an interactive and team bonding experience. You can choose to book your culinary experience in person or virtually. Virtual classes allow your attendees to cook (or tune in to watch) from the comfort and convenience of their home.  

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Choose the day and time based on your schedule

Corporate, group, or private classes available

Perfect event for birthday parties, bachelorette celebrations, team building, or other events

Cooking Classes offered for all ages

BONUS Q/A Session immediately following the class

Gift Certificates available

The social media workshop was informative and fun. Thank you!

Priyanka G.


What to Expect at a Media 101 Workshop

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Have you been sharing your message on social media or thinking about starting? Do you want to pitch a segment over to broadcast media outlets? Curious how to negotiate rates with brands? … but have no idea where to start? 

You’ll find it in this workshop! I share first-hand experiences, resources, and insider tips that have taken years compile. Whether you have already started your journey or are just in the planning stage, you’ll find value in the Media 101 Workshop. 

Learning Objectives

Other Workshop Details

Workshops are offered quarterly to the public – check social media for updates.

Workshops can be scheduled outside of public offerings for your group. Click on the button below, or email or call to discuss.

Workshops can be virtual or in-person.

The Media 101 Workshop runs about 90 minutes and provides a brief overview on various topics.

Looking for a more specific, hands-on training session? Jessica also offers individualized 1:1 Workshops. Scroll down.

You know when you see a pro doing what they do and it looks completely effortless? They make (insert talent) look so darned easy! Last week, I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at how one local pro makes being behind the camera look so easy!

Jessica DeLuise’s class on “Getting started with your media presence” was an EXCELLENT overview of how she’s made a name for herself as a wellness influencer. Long story short, it’s not easy…but Jessica assures us that it IS doable!

The one hour class gave us enough info to get started. She clearly provided insights on everything from understanding your audience, building your brand, acquiring essential media equipment, tips on how to communicate with producers, and so much more. Plus, plenty of time for questions and availability to follow up one-on-one sessions with her!

For anyone feeling overwhelmed with creating content, jump on the next class Jessica puts out, for sure!

Farnaz D.


Attendee of Media ‘Getting Started on the Media’ Workshop Attendee

Le’ts Work Together!

Take your media presence to the next level with a 1:1 Workshop. This is an opportunity to schedule attentive, uninterrupted time with Jessica to organize, plan, build, and grow. Hone your skills, run through on-camera exercises, create offerings, reach out to brands, and more… All with your confidant and mentor by your side. Schedule a 15 minute intro call to discuss, ask questions, and get started. 

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