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Physician Assistant, Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist, TV Host, On-Air Guest Expert, Emmy Award Winner

Jessica DeLuise, The Wellness Kitchenista, combines many years of clinical practice as a physician assistant and passion for food-as-medicine to cultivate culinary and lifestyle media content and educational programs that include practical, easy to follow, tips, healthful habits, and delicious recipes.


Highlighted by the American Academy of Physician Associates

TV Host and ‘Wellness Kitchenista’ PA Jessica DeLuise Promotes a ‘Food-as-Medicine’ Philosophy

Let's Get Into The Wellness Kitchen

As a Physician Assistant and Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist with a love for education, Jessica utilizes her knack for public speaking and connecting with people, to teach and inspire her audience to incorporate straight-forward practical changes that lead to long-lasting wellness and disease prevention.

Jessica proves that even nutrient dense recipes and eating for your past medical history can be satisfying and cravable. Jessica enjoys working with brands that align with her dedication to wellness and living a rejuvenating lifestyle; brands that she trusts, believes in, and genuinely wants to promote.

A true entertainer who lights up any stage or screen, Jessica proved her sensational hosting abilities when she won an Emmy for her tv show, Eat Your Way To Wellness! Jessica is available for speaking opportunities, events, television, podcasts, cooking classes, and more! 

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Jessica is knowledgeable and has great practical ways of helping you make small changes to maximize your wellness.

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Meet The Wellness Kitchenista

Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C, CCMS is a ‘seasoned’ medical practitioner physician assistant, with a Master’s degree in Health Science and Physician Assistant studies, Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist, TV chef, on-air brand expert on QVC, and Mid-Atlantic Emmy award winner.

Jessica’s mission is to make the road to wellness fun, easy to follow, budget-friendly, and delicious! Using her bubbly personality, medical background, and culinary expertise, Jessica offers recipes, tips, and videos to engage viewers and encourage them to explore a variety of modalities to achieve a wellness-focused, balanced lifestyle and mentality. Her recipes add bursts of flavor with unique ingredients and flavor combinations, while promoting nutrient density and whole foods. 

While medicine is necessary in some cases for safety, Jessica strongly believes that with the proper foundation of positive lifestyle and appropriate food choices, many symptoms and disease processes could be markedly improved, delayed, or prevented entirely. 

Join The Wellness Kitchenista for simple suggestions to transform how you cook and think about food for you and your family! 

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Jessica DeLuise

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