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Online shopping is a convenient way to stock up on pantry essentials! This shopping list is organized by category & function. Looking for something specific? Send Jess a message on the contact page

The Balanced Bee

The Balanced Bee serves up raw juices and mineral-dense bone broth. This woman owned business delivers a variety of frozen bone broths to your home, ready to be useåd whenever you need it! Use code: Kitchenista20 fo 20% off your order.

Beaver Brook Ranch

Located in central New Jersey, Beaver Brook Ranch is a a family owned and operated pasture raised farm. They raise pigs and cattle humanely on pasture from birth until butcher. They deliver grass fed & finished beef, frozen to your home, making it convenient. 

Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest rescues produces that is perfectly edible and would otherwise be waster and thrown out. Use the code TWK50 for 50% off your first order.  Even better, Hungry Harvest donates a portion of the recovered produce to those in need.

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