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Hungry Harvest Rescues surplus produce before it is wasted and delivers it to your home.

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Balanced Bee

Take an active approach to lifelong balance + wellbeing with The Balanced Bee raw juice + mineral-dense bone broth. 

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Beaver Brook

BBR Raises pigs and cattle humanely on pasture from birth until butcher. They deliver grass fed & finished beef, frozen to your home. 



Within / Without

This paleo, almond based granola completely dairy, grain, soy, and seed-free. Within/Without is perfect for the mindful snacker!

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Tyent Water

This sleek, countertop water filer ensures you always have filtered drinking water available. Plus, various levels of alkalinity for drinking, cooking, or washing produce.

Purity Coffee

This coffee helps you start your day ‘on the right foot’! Beans are harvested organically and selected using high standards for quality.  

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If I don’t make my own bread, you better believe I choose one with ingredients I can recognize! Plus, it has 9g fiber per slice & no added sugar!

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For thousands of years, fennel has been used to aid digestion and soothe upset stomach. Saufennel takes a traditional Pakistani snack & adds a modern spin! 

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This is the first fish oil I have been able to tolerate without having it repeat on me or upset my stomach! I highly recommend this brand!

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EYWTW10 for 10% off.

Ellie's Best

With Ellie’s best nuts mild bags, plant based just got easier! Explore plant based milk bags, nutrient and antioxidant rich powder supplements, and nuts!


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