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Eating delicious, wholesome food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, one everyone deserves. Jessica DeLuise’s ‘Wellness Kitchenista Cooking Club’ takes the guesswork out of cooking and eating for wellness. From live virtual cook-along classes, personalized Q&A sessions, yummy recipe ideas, ingredient lists, and access to the supportive Facebook Kitchenista Community, you can finally stop worrying, “what’s for dinner tonight?” and bring fun back to mealtime! Oh, and did we mention, you’ll get it all for $24.95 per month!?

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$24.95 / month

$275* / year

*Get 1 month free (a discount of $24.97)

*Recipes are free from or offer alternatives for top 8 allergens 

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The "Activate Your Wellness" System

Get the proven tools Jess designed in her years of guiding her patients to wellness success! Now available as a 3-step system, “Activate Your Wellness” is a complete food-as-medicine culinary toolbox and step-by-step wellness system in one. Ready to wipe your plate clean of fad dieting, nutrition overload, and healthy meal prep-overwhelm for good? This is the system for you!

Activate Your Kitchen

Activate Your Shopping List

Activate Your Plate

Course 1:

Activate Your Kitchen

Feeling amazing starts in the kitchen. Jessica’s system for organizing, decluttering and stocking your kitchen for wellness makes cooking nutrient-dense meals your family will actually love a breeze and saves you money at the grocery store. If you’re tired of over-stuffed cabinets, hidden, wasted food in the fridge, and complicated meal prep after a long day at work, this course is for you.

What You’ll Learn

Course 2:

Activate Your Shopping List

Being able to understand a food label has never been more important. With so many products claiming to be sugar-free, gluten-free, natural and healthy, how can you distinguish between clever marketing and the real deal? In this course The Wellness Kitchenista shows you how to easily decode food labels so you can confidently and easily make smart choices for you and your family.

What You’ll Learn

The Wellness Kitchenista, Jessica DeLuise, MHS, , PA-C, CCMS

Course 3:

Activate Your Plate

Knowing how to fuel your body correctly can make all the difference between wellness and illness. If you have ever heard the words, “low carb”, “counting macros”, or “plant based”, and you’ve wondered what they mean in terms of what goes on the plate, then wonder not longer! This course walks you through macronutrients, calorie goals, and how to balance your plate like a pro!

What You’ll Learn

Get the System for $197

(That’s a $99 savings (the equivalent of 1 course free) over purchasing courses individually)


Jessica is not only knowledgeable, she is a truly engaging speaker, who presents in a way anyone can understand. Jessica will definitely be back again for more health and wellness events.
Jodi Silverman
Certified Life Coach and Founder of the Moms Who Dare Community
I absolutely love working with Jess. She has been such a great advocate for our brand in the most authentic way.
Brittany Chibe
founder of Within Without Wnacks
“Adjusting his diet over the course of a few months has been life changing for him. He is healthy, feels great, looks amazing, is performing very well and has taken NO medication since he started with Jessica. She checks in on him and if he has questions she is ALWAYS available for him. I am so happy to have found her. Thank you Jessica!!!”
Chrissie A
Client’s mother
Jessica is knowledgeable and has a great practical ways of helping you make small changes to maximize your wellness.
Dorothy Tynen Knauss
social media follower